Friday, January 20, 2012

Positive Changes at Self-Publishing House

Very excited to introduce to you Angela Brown, whom I happened upon when seeking an editor for another site in development under the Self-Publishing House umbrella. I will give full details about Angela on the About Us very soon.

It occurred to me that growing a self-publishing business alone as a coach, as rewarding as it is, cannot provide the kind of value I want for the wide range of visitors to the site. In short, I recognized my limitations.

Plans are set for Self-Publishing House to become the most valuable content-rich learning environment for self-publishing a book anywhere on the Internet. Not only will Angela help revamp the site towards helping others, but she will also be the primary contact for aspiring authors.

So wish us luck and good speed to get this off the ground for the benefit of all!

Be sure to check the site frequently for the new Learning Center

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