Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Remarkable Self-Published Author

I know that lack of lovin' feelin' towards self-published authors at trade shows. I started out self-published, did the trade shows, and then for many years published other authors.

It is true that many publishers and book buyers used to breeze by self-published authors at trade shows. At Book Expo America, they actually group self-publishers together. Over there. Against the wall.

Things are changing. Trade shows will grow to accommodate the increasing number of self-published authors. As we work our way in to the main floor, the self-publishing stigma will be gone with the wind. Publishers and self-publishers will integrate. It has to happen. We're just too many ants!

To be a "special" ant we must stand out and show that we've got wings! To do that we must offer more than a book in a booth. Wherever you go to promote your book provide some kind of benefit. Make your presence interesting.

Do a demo, offer free fix-it advice, give something interactive away. Offer food. Like cookies, milk and sample recipes to promote your cookie book (oh, and it better be a pretty special cookie book!).

If you can slow people down you can begin a dialog. Talk about the things you are doing to promote your book.

Get a crowd at your booth or table. We're rubber neckers by nature. Create intrigue. People must know what's going on. Then deliver.

Point is, your imagination will end loneliness and any stigma. You might spend a few dollars, but you will stand out.

It doesn't matter that you are self-published. That's not what disinterests buyers. Dullness is. Plenty of self-published books have beat the odds. Your success is directly linked to how dynamic, energetic, positive, and over-the-moon lovin' you are about your book AND promoting your book.

We are contagious by nature. Let your contagious nature out. Be remarkable. You will shatter loneliness to smithereens all the while adding to the growing credibility of being self-published. Rick Perry

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