Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do We Need DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

The short answer is NO.

DRM is designed to prevent piracy. It seems like a smart thing to do. You keep control and earn every penny you can. But control here actually backfires.

Consider new author "X" who successfully protected her ebook from piracy using DRM. She sold 5,000 ebooks. No freebies. Complete control.

Now consider new author "Y" who sold the same 5,000 ebooks, but did not use DRM. As a result, another 15,000 ebooks were pirated. Author Y now has 20,000 readers to help spread the word versus the 5,000 of author X.

If you're thinking those 15,000 freebies are loss sales, think again. Most piracy is done by those who would probably have never paid for your ebook anyway. Most of us pay for what we truly want. Those who don't serve as publicists.

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